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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We've been busy- Let's catch up

The girls just had their TAP/BALLET/HIP-HOP recital. All the rushing around getting them to class and spending a small fortune paid off. It's all worth it in the end when you see them in their performances. They each had 3 different dances and they both did so great. Scott and I were proud parents. I only got pics of them in 2 of their outfits. I will post more once I get their dance pics back.


Here kitty-kitty!

Miss Sassy!

My very own Hannah Montana's... aren't they cute! (their hip-hop outfit)

T-Ball and softball finally rapped up. The girls both had a great year. It was so exciting to see them playing ball. It is my absolute favorite past time growing up so I have always hoped my girls would play it too. Hadley did so good this year. She played 2nd base. Scott and I worried that she wouldn't find interest, but she surprised us. She is very competitive! Hmmmm.... wonder were she got that???

Hannah also played very well this year. She played mostly in the out field. She stopped lots of balls from going way out and holding girls on base. Her hitting has come a long way too. By the end of the season she was getting good solid hits. She got several doubles. Can't wait to see her hit her first home run. Hopefully next year.

We are so proud of both of them!

My lil' BALLERS!

Blue Lightning!

Hannah holding her trophy and 2nd place award for fastest base runner


Hadley running off with her trophy

Timed base running.... Hannah won 2nd place for her age group!

We took the girls to Sam Noble Museum on OU's campus in Norman. Hannah's class had been studying dinosaurs so we thought it would be cool to take the girls to see the real deal. They were amazed at how big some of the dinosaurs really were. I think they had a really good time.

My Girls!


Hope & Hannah

Hadley playing palientologist

We finally got to see the long awaited Lion King. Gaga & Papa bought all of us and all the grandkids tickets to see LION KING as part of our Christmas gifts this year. We spent the day in OKC and saw the show at the Civic Center. We had a great time. The kids loved it! They loved it so much they asked if we could go see it again. Maybe one day they will come back around.

Hannah and Haldey showing off their Nala dolls.

Gaga with all the grandkids (except Hope- she wasn't old enough to sit through it)
Kagan, Hadley, Gracie, Hannah, Gaga, Kyan, Ryan and Jack

The girls with their LION KING tickets.