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We are so blessed to have such beautiful girls. We want to share our blessings with family and friends. Keep you all up to date on what's going on in our daily life. Enjoy the insanity!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hope in the Snow...

Had to put a couple pics of Hope out enjoying herself in the snow. It was finally warm enough outside to let her check things out. She loved it!

Woo Hoo!! Cancer Free!!

I just got my results in of my PET scan from Monday. The radiologist report showed a Benign reading. Yeh!!! Good news. There are some areas that are still showing up on scan but I guess they are what they consider within "normal limits" and at this time are believed to be benign. Hopefully they will stay that way. I will continue to have these scans every 6 months. They will watch these areas of concern closely. I pray they do not start to grow. I need to get back on my diet and stop eating so much sugar. That is what cancer feeds on so I'm going to try and do better with my eating..... no more pop. That's the hardest one for me. And Lord knows I need to lose some weight. Thanks everyone for your well wishes and prayers. Love you all!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day....

The girls are home for a snow day today. They have been making lots of messes and complaining when I tell them to pick up after themsleves. They had been bugging me all day to let them go out and play in the snow/sleet. So finally I said ok but only if dad would go out with them. Too cold for me. Thank goodness for dad's, huh? They're good for something- just kidding! Anyway, they weren't out for long but they got to have a little fun. Poor Hope was left out of the loop...napping. I wouldn't have let her anyway she's still trying to get over a really bad cold. Doing much better though. Here's those crazy girls out playing.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

PET scan tomorrow & Hope Udate

I'm scheduled for my 6 month PET scan tomorrow. Can't believe its already time again. I am so nervous and I am sooooo hoping its negative. PLease say a little prayer for me tomorrow that everything comes back negative for recurrence. It's been 3 yrs remission and I want it to stay that way!! I will update once I have the results.

** Update on Hope... she is doing a little better. I have seen glimpses of her here and there. She is still sleeping a lot and has a nasty little cough. Her drainage and snotty nose seem to be a little better too. Poor baby, I think this is the worst cold she has had in her short little life. Please continue to pray she feels better soon.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hope's not feeling so hot....

Tuesday night Hope was restless all through the night. She continually cried. The next morning her nose was crusted over with dried snot and she was starting to cough. It has gradually gotten worse and she has been running low grade fevers off and on. I finally took her in to her pediatrician yesterday morning and of course its a viral cold with cough.... nothing we can really do for her. I have been giving her tylenol for her fever and once it kicks in she is a little more like herslef but otherwise she has been whiney and wanting to be held every second. I am not complaining though because as most of you know 2 year olds aren't much for just sitting around and cuddling. That part, I have to admit, I LOVE! Anyway, please say a little prayer for Hopey that she may start feeling better soon.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pray for Natalie

My friend Natalie is going in for surgery tomorrow morning. Please pray for a successful surgery and that she has a speedy recover. We love you Natalie and hope everything goes well.

Happy Birthday Scott!

Happy 37th Birthday Honey! We love you!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Birthdays, Birthdays.... and more Birthdays!!

It's January, which means BIG birthday month for our family. Me included! I just turned 36 on Thursday, January 15th. I cannot believe I am 36 years old now.... Where has all the time gone? I am on the downward slope to 40. OH MY GOSH!!! AGHHHH!!! Better to keep getting older than the alternative though. So hope those birthdays keep a comin!

I would like to send out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"S" to.... my cousin Georgeann (Jan 2), my Nephew Jack (Jan 3), Uncle Joel (Jan 4), my other Uncle Joe (Jan 10 or 12-can't remember), my friend Faith (Jan 16), my nephew Ryan (Jan 18), my brother Zachary (Jan 19), my Mom (Jan 20), my loving hubby Scott (Jan 21), and my friend Brandi (Jan 24)..... and Happy Anniversary Cy & Natalie (Jan 30).

Hope you all have wonderful birthdays. Love you all!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bad Day.....

Ok, so yesterday turned out to be a very bad day. It was, I thought, Hope's cardiologist appt. My morning started out just fine. Got Hannah and Hadley off to school. Came home put Hope in the tub, got her cleaned up and dressed. Then got myself ready. I thought the appt was at 10:30 I just happened to think -maybe I should check the time and make sure. The calender said 10am. So of course it was 10 mins to 10. I grabbed my stuff and Hope and took off. Of course as I'm 2 miles away from the dr's office I look in my review mirror and their is a cop with his lights on. CRAP! So yes I got pulled over for going 54 in a 40 and he wrote me $130 ticket. So I called the dr's office to let them know I am coming just running late and she told me Hope's appt was the day before (Monday) Aggghhhhhh!!!! SO I running around like crazy for NOTHING, I got a ticket for NOTHING! So now her appt has been rescheduled for Next Friday January 16th, it is the day after my birthday. So I am hoping for a late birthday present- that she gets a clean bill of health! Hopefully my week gets better.... can't get much worse.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Cardiologist Appt.

It is time for Hope's cardiologist appointment tomorrow. I am a little anxious. I hope everything goes well and that Hope's heart is functioning as it should. When I made the appointment back in November I asked if they had something I could give her to help her stay a little calmer. They don't give heart children medication for anxiety. Last time we went in for an echocardiogram and EKG it was NOT pleasant to say the least. They had a very hard time getting a good read of how her heart was functioning. Please keep Hope in your prayers, that everything with her heart repair still looks great and that she has no other problems to address. Would love to be released and not have to come back but for an annual check-up.