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Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's been a crazy week!

The Tahoe loaded and ready to go

Hope helping with moral support

What a crazy week we've had here at the Spohrer household. Actually the last several weeks have been crazy. We have so much going on right now in our lives. Hopefully we will survive. I have been trying to get all the girls spring/summer clothes ready for the Tulsa JBF sale that I do every year. Most of Hope's clothes I already had together but it took a while to go through Hannah and Haddie's. Trying to decided what I wanted to keep to pass down. In the end I only kept a few things. I always end up wanting to buy the new clothes lines that come in to my favorite stores. And of course when I go to Market for THE TULIP TREE I always pick out and order lots too. Can't help myself. Anyway after 2-3 days I got them ready and took them over to the Fair grounds. Hopefully I will sell most of what I took. It makes it all worth my time when I get that check in a couples of weeks. Helps pay for a lot of the new clothes I will have to purchase.

Tuesday night we went to Hannah's softball meeting. As many of you know from my facebook page I am not happy about the team placement situation. Last year Hannah and Hadley were on the same t-ball team. Long story but T-ball is ages 4-6 which is how I was able to put them on the same team. Anywho.... Hannah would have to move up this year so I requested for her to move up with some of her same team-mates that would also be moving up. Needless to say when we walked in I didn't recognize a soul. Not only do we not know anyone, but the practices are all the way across town, they will be practicing on Tues. and Fri. (Friday I do not like), and on and on and on..... This is what I don't like about being in a large town. There are soooo many kids. They're all just a number. Hadley on the other hand is on the same team as last year. At least I can be happy about that and practices will be on Tues and Thurs. and closer to home. The girls do Dance on Weds. So now we will be gone every evening except Mondays for the next few weeks. Who knows once the games actually start. Scott and I are going to have to be running kids all around. Whew... don't know what we'll do when Hope gets involved with extra activities.

Update on the store.... Well its coming along. We were down in Norman all last weekend. I would have taken pictures but most of what they have done doesn't look much different from the pictures I have posted. They have finished up all the drywall and they started taping/mudding the seams. They are also working on the ceiling grid. Most of the plumbing and electrical is done until the ceiling, walls and paint are done. Once that stuff is done they will put in the lighing and plumbing fixtures, etc. I talked to our contractor this week and he is confindent that it will be ready for move in the end of March. So thats only 3-4 more weeks. I have been racking up the miles on the old Tahoe. And the gas is killing me. But it will be worth it in the end. I cannot wait to see how it all turns out. And I hope all of you will get a chance to come and see it..... and of course spend your hard earned money!!

Here's to the next few weeks. May I make it through with my sanity intact.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Pwitty! (Pretty)

OK, seriously I was out of the room for a few seconds and this is what I found....

The girls all dancing and shaking their booties and theres Hope.... She had completely stripped down to her diaper and somehow got a hold of Hannah's pink lip gloss. She is such a corker! She thought she had done a fine job with the lip gloss. It was all over her lips and face. "pwitty" as she would say. Have to also add her new favorite saying is "oh gosh". Not sure where she heard that......

Muffins for Moms & Wacky Wednesday

Wednesday was also Wacky Wednesday for the kindergarten classes. They were reading the book "Wacky Wednesday" by Dr. Suess. All the kids got to dress as wacky as they could. Hadley wasn't so into dressing silly. She decided to wear her pj's b/c all the other girls were going to and I pulled her hair up in pony-roll piggies w/ different color bows.... that is as wacky as she wanted to be. She looked cute though. The kids had a lot of fun.

Wednesday morning we all got up a little earlier than usual. The PTA put on a morning breakfast thing for moms and the kids called "MUFFINS FOR MOMS". The girls and I got to school about 8:15 am and had muffins and juice in the library. We read a couple of books together and enjoyed hanging out with some of the girls friends and their moms. It was fun to hang out and enjoy my girls.... and Hope got to come along too.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Progress on the new "Tulip Tree" location

Just thought I'd update on the progress for the new store. Things are coming a long finally it seems. It took a while to pick a contractor and get permits, but things are moving ahead now. The electicians and plumbers have been out installing all their line and all. Most of the walls are up now and are they starting to sheet rock. Mom and I have been working like crazy to get all fixtures, materials, colors, etc.. all picked out. We are looking at end of March or early April for move in day. We are so excited. Cannot wait to see the finished product.

Monday, February 9, 2009

CHD Awareness Week February 7 -14th

February is CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) Awareness month. 1 out of 100 babies are born with a congenital heart defect. It's so important for us to get the word out about CHD so that we can help fund research and medical advances for this disease. Our daughter, Hope, was born with heart defects and it has become a very improtant cause for our family. Please give where you can. Donate money, time, or give blood. You just might help save a life! Hope Abigail is our HEART WARRIOR!

Hotel For Dogs....

The girls got to wear 1 of their new spring outfits- they looked soooo cute!

Scott and I took the girls to see Hotel For Dogs yesterday. It's 4th movie we've taken Hope to see. She went to 2 movies when she was a little baby (they don't count), but last summer my parents took all of our family to see WALL-E and she DID NOT do well at all. She was up and down out of her seat talking loud, whining loud, trying to walk up and down the stairs/aisles etc. Just really a bad experience. SO when we took her with us yesterday we were a little worried. Hope did awesome though! She sat in her booster seat and watched the whole thing. She had M & M's and a sucker to keep her occupied. The movie was really cute. We all enjoyed it and it was so much fun being out as a family with no major issues. We followed the movie with a trip to the park. It was a really nice day for February. 73 degrees I think, little windy but nice.

School Carnival...

The girls had a great time at the school carnival Friday night. They got to hang out with the buddies. They played games, had pizza, ate popcorn and cotton candy, won prizes, got tattoos, etc. Mom and Dad- not so much fun, but we do what we can do to make our girls happy. Needless to say everyone was worn out by the time we got home about 9pm. Thank goodness its over until next year.

Hadley and Makenzie

Hannah and McKenzie

* How weird that both of my girls best friends would be McKenzie/Makenzie

Hat Day

Hope wanted to join in the fun too, so she wore Hannah's hat from last year- Kitty

Hadley as a Unicorn

Hannah as a Giraffe

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Celine Dion Concert

Mom and I went to the Celine Dion concert on Monday evening. We had a great time. Took forever for it to actually get here. My dad bought the tickets backin November 2007. He gave them to my mom as a Christmas gift and we finally got to go after 2 years of waiting for it. It was a lot of fun. Celine has the most beautiful voice. She acts a little bit silly- all those facial expressions. But the girl can sing. She sounded just as good if not better live than on a recorded CD. AMAZING! Thanks mom for taking me with you... even though I was your second choice. My dad did not want to go.... he is not a Celine fan. Here are a few pics. We had great seats but my camera sucks so not the best pictures.


Hope had her cardiologist appointment this morning. She did awesome, no anxiety. She did great getting all her tests. Dr. Lundt said everything looks perfect. Her repairs are holding great. Her pulmonary vavle had been leaking but it is no longer. And her pulomnary stenosis (narrowing) is not a problem at this time. Dr. Lundt said she couldn't be doing any better at this point. We are so happy, it definately takes a load off my mind. She was released for a year. Woo Hoo!! 'Thank you' everyone for your love and support.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Big cardiology appt tomorrow...

OK, it is finally time for Hope's 1 year check-up to her cardiologist. It was originally scheduled for the first of January, as most of you have read about my "Very Bad Day!!" Went on the wrong day, got a speeding ticket, blah, blah , blah. Anyway it was rescheduled and tomorrow is the BIG day. I am very nervous about how Hope will do for her echocardiogram and EKG. Last time it was soooo not pretty. It was so bad they really couldn't get much of a reading. Hoping for better results this time for the echo and from her. Poor thing just thinks everyone wants to hurt her. Please say a quick prayer that everything looks good with her heart. Also might say one for me... not to run behind, and speed, go on the right day, etc... haha. Thanks for all your love an support for our sweet precious girl. We just want her to be heathly and happy!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We have a stripper....

the naked girl......

the evidence left behind.....


Well at least she's starting to think about wearing painies.

Well it seems a mischievous little girl has figured out how to get her clothes off. All of a sudden every time I turn around Hope's got everything off except her diaper. God Lord, hopefully this is not a sign of what's to come. Today alone I have probably re-dressed her 4-5 times. I also have to add that on Saturday I was on a phone call and Hope comes tromping in my room with her black 'Santa Rocks' shirt, a diaper covered by a pair of pink striped panties and pink kitty-cat rain boots. She went in her closet and started rumaging around and found herself something to put on. Boy are we in trouble. I already have 1 clothes Diva and a second close behind..... I guess Hope's going to make it 3 little Divas. God Lord help, boy are we in for it.