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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crazy Weekend!

Miss Hope...strike'n a pose

Little Miss Sassy!

What a crazy weekend we had. Thunderstorms and snow all mixed together. It stormed all evening Friday and over night early morning turned to snow. We got like 5-7 inches. Unfortunately, I wouldn't let the kids play in b/c there was so much water underneath. The would have gotten soooo wet. BUMMER! Anyway, it was beautiful. And of course, Sunday was much warmer and melted all the snow. Only in Oklahoma do we have weather like this.

My weekend consisted of making bows, bows and more hairbows. I made 200+. The store was running low and I needed to get them all stocked up for the move. We will have a much larger area for them in the new location. Speaking of, Hope and I made a trek down to Norman yesterday. We had to deliver our pretty bows and check on progress with the contractor. Our floors are finally complete and they were putting in the ceiling tiles and light fixtures. The bathroom fixtures were also installed. They are saying they should be done on Wednesday. We'll see. They have a lot of touching up to do as well as just completing all the projects. All in all it looks great. I cannot wait to start moving all our stuff in.

Wanted to give props to my big bro Zachary. Man, you did a great job on the display stage and also on the columns you made for us. Mr. Talent! Watch out, we'll be calling you for everything now.... cheap labor too. Thank God for family.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Sunshine

Please excuse my singing... but you are sure to enjoy Hope's. We have sung this song for Hope ever since she was born and just lately she has started to sing for us. It is absolutely adorable. My sweet little 2 year old is growing up.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A quick post...

It has been crazy around here as you can imagine. School, softball, dance, the store.... Honestly, I'm ready for summer so things can slow down for a while. No extra activities. My poor house has been suffering. At this point I am contemplating hiring a cleaning lady to get me back some control of this filthy house. Its so bad I don't know where to begin.

Spring break was last week and the girls and I stayed with my parents all week. Mom and I had lots to do. We are still trying to get everything together for the store move. It's really going to be crazy. We have ordered tons of new merchandise and are hoping to move in end of next week sometime. They have been staining the floors this week and should do all the finish work next week. Hopefully final inspections will happen mid-end of next week.

The girls and I had a good time with Gaga and Papa. It ws nice not having to rush around everywhere. Hannah and Hadley got to go hang out with their favorite cousins some and spent the night one night. Scott and I wanted to take them somewhere and do something fun but it wasn't in the cards. Maybe next year. Sott and I had a great time in Dallas the weekend before spring break. The girls all stayed with my parents. It was nice to get away for a couple of days. We have never both been together away from all the girls at the same time...can you believe it? He as a good sport at Market too. I think he secretly enjoyed it.

I will try and post some pictures soon. If I can find the time!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Break, here we come! WooHoo!

Thank goodness its time to take a break from the last few weeks of craziness! Our 2 big girls started t-ball and coach pitch softball last week. They will both be practicing twice a week. They both have practice on Tuesdays, Hannah @ 5:30 and Hadley @ 6:00 and across town from each other I might add..... Then Hadley again on Thursday and Hannah again on Friday. They are also both in dance (tap/ballet/hip hop) on Wednesdays. Makes me tired just thinking about it. Every night we having something going except Mondays. Anyway, so far they both are looking pretty good. Last year was the first year either of they had ever played. Hadley, of course, broke her arm right before their 2nd practice so basically this is her first year to really play. She has been doing soooo good. She's not scared of the ball. She fields the ball really well, hitting pretty good, and her throwing is coming along. Hannah is also doing great. I think both of them will end up being pretty good. Must be in the genes!! Just kidding! I loved softball and I hope they will to.

Today is the last day of school for this week. The girls get to start spring break a little early (Parent/Teacher Conferences). Luckily I am meeting with their teachers today. I'm sure they will go well, but will update later. First thing in the morning we are ALL (yes, Scott too) heading to Purcell. The girls are all staying with Gaga & Papa and Scott and I are heading down to Dallas for Market. Yes, can you believe it?? Scott is coming with me. Mom and I always go, but she is OU crazy and the Sooner girls are playing in the BIG 12 tourney in the city all weekend. So this time its me and Scott going. Wow, this will be the first time we have been away from the girls at the same time together... other than Hadley and Hope's births and Hope's heart surgery. I guess we'll see if we still like each other...haha. We won't know how to talk w/out constantly being interrupted by one of the girls. It should be fun. Scott and Market, hmmmmm wonder how he'll do. He'll either like it or hate it, but at least he'll see what its all about. Wish us luck!

We will be home Sunday late. Scott is going back home Monday morning to work. Bummer, he doesn't get a spring break. The girls and I are staying all week to finish getting things ready for the grand opening of the new store. We are looking at April 6th as opening day. That is if all things go according to plan. The floors are scheduled to be stained next week.. it will take all week. And then the last week in March they will finish up the lighting, ceiling, all electrical, and plumbing and install all fixtures! Yea!!! It's just around the corner. I will post when we know for sure on the OPENING DAY of THE TULIP TREE! Hope you will all get a chance to come and visit! We're in Norman.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Future Delta Gamma Girls!

My little future sorority girls had a super fun Saturday night. My Aunt Peggy is the house mom for the Delta Gamma sorority at OU. She invited Hannah and Hadley to come spend the night at the house Saturday night. My cousin, Shawn, was a Delta Gamma a few years back when she was going to school at OU . Hannah and Hadley got to meet some of the girls. They were made honorary Delta Gamma girls for the weekend. They got t-shirts and all. Boy are we in trouble when these to get to college. Anyway, Thanks Peggy and Shawn for taking the girls in and showing them such a great time. I'm sure they will want to come again and again.

Anchor Girls

Hannah, Aunt Peggy and Hadley

The girls & Shawn

The Tulip Tree is progressing

The girls and I were all down again in Norman this weekend to check on things with the store build. Things are coming along pretty quickly at this point. The contractor has completed all the walls and textured them. They started painting this weekend and should be complete by Wednesday. As you can see we picked a really bright green for the walls, white wood trim and pink doors. I cannot wait to see the finished product. They will be staining the floors starting next week. After that it is just some finishing touches and it will be ready to move in.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sweet Dreams Gracie....

Gacie girl will get her wings today. I have been keeping up with The Gledhill family for about a year. They have a daughter Gracie that was born with HLHS, a heart defect. She has been fighting for almost a year now. She received a new heart last week, but for whatever reason the transplant did not take. They have been waiting to see if she would improve so they could re-list her for another heart. The doctors have decided she is too weak to endure another surgery. They have run out of options. Last night her family made the decision to let her go. Today they will be saying their goodbyes. They are donating her other organs to help save another childs life. So selfless. Please keep the Gledhill's in your prayers. May God surround them with love and comfort. My heart braks for them.

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