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We are so blessed to have such beautiful girls. We want to share our blessings with family and friends. Keep you all up to date on what's going on in our daily life. Enjoy the insanity!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

MUST show off my little pretties!!

Got the girls all dolled up for dance recital pictures. Hair, make-up, dress-up X 3 girls = worn out mamma!!!! Scott flew in from a business trip right after I got everybody ready and to the dance studio- talk about good timing! Must be nice to show up once all the hard work is already done.;) All kidding aside it makes it worth all my troubles to see them dance their little hearts out across the stage in May every year. I'm trying to enjoy this, Hannah and Hadley do not want to dance next year... looks like this is the last year to see them do it. Hannah's been dancing for 6 years, Hadley 4 and I guess they are ready to move on. At least I have Hope to continue to watch for the next few years.

My Little Orange Flower

Growing out of her pot...

Hip-Hop... not a fan out the outfits!



Sunday, April 25, 2010

Softball, softball, softball......

Crazy week and weekend. Seems like we have had ball games every night for the past few weeks. Have to say how proud I am of both my big girls. They are coming along. They are batting so much better and seems that it is finally starting to click. Their skills are much improved and I think I can see them starting to love the game. I was so hoping they would love to play as much as I did growing up- Gosh I miss it!

Hannah's team pulled out an awesome win on Tuesday night. They played one of the best teams in the league and won. What an exciting game to watch! Hannah hit like a champ- so proud of her. We had played this team (The Twisters) a couple weeks ago and they killed us like 15-2. Our girls played their best performance of the season and won 12-11. What a game! Hope to see them continue their streak.

Hadley's team is doing great too. Have only lost 2 of their regular season games. We played in a tournament this weekend and unfortunately finished 4th. They hit really well the entire tournament but their fielding wasn't quite good enough to hang. We played 4 games yesterday, winning 3 out of the 4. Went back to play today and it just wasn't meant to be. We lost in the last inning by 1 run. Still so proud of them.

Crazy week coming up again this week. Between Hannah and Hadley we have games Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Ugh, and Scott will be out of town on business Monday-Wednesday. I'm hoping to keep my cool. We also have dance recital pictures scheduled for Wednesday. OMG, if I make it through the week it will be a miracle! Wish me luck..... Oh yeah, and I have my PET scan tomorrow. Wayyyyyy to much on my plate- praying for my sanity!

Friday, April 23, 2010

What a difference 5 years makes....

My brother Zack, me and my dad. I shaved my head the day this picture was taken. They shaved theirs too to show their support. I love them!!! (My younger brother, Patrick, shaved his too but is not in this picture)

5 years ago at this time I was battling cancer. I was diagnosed just before my 32nd birthday. Talk about being thrown for a loop. I never dreamed I would get cancer. As we all know, cancer doesn't care who you are, what color, what race, what age. It can strike any of us at any time. I was lucky. Mine was found early enough (Stage II) that with chemo and radiation I was able to beat it. My family and friends were truely amazing during my treatment. I couldn't have gotten through it with out their help.

I am participating in my home town's Relay For Life this year again. Would love for anyone interested to join us there or if you would like to show your support with a donation that would be great too. Click here to join Laura's Angels or make a donation.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend in OKC

Thanks to the weather, our weekend didn't go quite as planned. Nevertheless, we made the best of it! Saturday morning we participated in the OKC Heart walk. Surprisingly several of our friends still showed up to walk with us. To all of you who braved the yucky weather.... YOU ROCK! We love you all!!

It's all about HOPE! Our little survivor!

Our awesome family and friends who came out

Survivor Breakfast

Warming up!

Playing in the rain....

Our new friends Drama Queen and Diva

Our family and Gaga (my mom)

Sunday... hanging out in Bricktown

OKC Bombing Memorial

We took the girls to the OKC Bombing Memorial and Museum. Today marks the 15 year anniversary. We had never taken the girls to see this and since we were in OKC we thought it would be a good thing for them to experience. It has been several years since I had been and it was so beautiful and peaceful. It was my first time through the museum and to see it was quite sobering.

We had a great weekend away. Enjoyed time with our friends and family. Celebrating the life of our precious daughter Hope. Honoring her and all the other heart survivors as well as remembering those we have lost. And for all of the families affected by the OKC Bombing, we remember.......

Thursday, April 15, 2010

OKC Bound

We leave for OKC tomorrow. Heading down for the OKC Heart Walk in Bricktown for the 3rd year now. The girls are super excited to see family and friends and meet a few new ones this year too. We plan to stay the weekend and "play" a little while we are down too (Movies, riverwalk, shopping, bombing memorial, etc.). There is rain in the forecast and we are hoping it holds off. Wish we could have another beautiful weekend like last week to enjoy our weekend away. Heart Walk starts at 8am Saturday morning if anyone wants to join us! Would love to see you there!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

2010 Tulsa Heart Walk!

This morning we participated in the Tulsa Heart walk. We enjoyed the most beautiful day to honor our daughter Hope along with all the other families affected by heart disease. We had a few friends join us and the girls all had so much fun. Face painting, a jupiter jump, obstacle courses, snacking, etc..... We even ran into a few of our fellow heart families. We miss them all so much! On to Oklahoma City next weekend for the OKC Heart Walk. We are so excited! This will be out 3rd year to participate. We have many friends and family joining us coming up on Saturday. We welcome anyone interested to come on up and walk with us!

My little Heart Hero!

The Spohrer girls and friends Katlyn and Kayla

Hannah, Hope & Hadley

Our Family

Little Miss Sassy

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

What a beautiful Easter Sunday we enjoyed today. The girls looked so cute in the Easter dresses. I cannot believe how much they have grown up since last year. We made the long trek down to my grandparents house in Wewoka. As usual we enjoyed Grandma's all out lunch- sooooo good! I think I gained like 5 lbs today! UGH- I will pay for it this week at the gym. Why does everything that taste so good have to be fattening?? So UNFAIR!

Why can't they all just look at the camera and smile for like 5 secs without making a face ???? Is it too much to ask? LOL!

My dad (Papa) crazy about his girls!!! Mom (Gaga) skipped Easter this year to go to the Final Four OU Women's BB game in San Antonio- we sure missed her.

Hope & Hannah hunting Easter eggs.

Hope & Hadley

Wishing everyone as Happy an Easter as we had!