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Monday, December 12, 2011

Down 6 LBS!!

So, I weighed in this morning. I have lost 6 lbs since I started my healthier eating plan 2 Mondays ago. I haven't been perfect. I had a couple days where I didn't do so well but I am happy that the days that I have done well are paying off. I have also been on my monthly cycle and we all know how we retain water during this time. So maybe next week when I weigh in I'll see more progress. I'm hoping that once the holidays are over and I don't have to be at the store 24/7 I can start exercising again. At least walking. I need to get my girls and play Just Dance on the Wii with them. Great work out and lots of fun too. Wish me luck this week. Hoping for the scale to continue to go down!

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