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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's time to get healthy-

OK, NO MORE procrastinating!!!! I'm am so sick and tired of being overweight!!! I have decided that its time I put myself as a priority and get healthy. I have let myself go down a path I cannot do anymore. I have been stalking my friend Amy's- Land of Fluff- blog and I cannot believe how couragous she has been blogging about her weight loss journey. She has lost 60 lbs over the last year. She gives me hope that I can do it too. And with this out there for everyone to see maybe it will be an extra incentive to keep it up.

So, on Monday 11/28 I weighed and made a promise to myself that from here on out I will lose weight and start exercising again. UGH! Here goes, my starting weight was 218lbs. It is not my highest but not too far from it. My plan is to journal about my journey and I hope that just like Amy I have success. I have a goal of 160lbs for now. Once I reach that point I will know if I want to set a lower goal weight for myself or not. It's more about looking good and feeling better so a number on the scale isn't necessarily my main concern. 160 is the high end for my height and age.

If anyone hase any encouraging words, recipes anything in general that might be of help to me- I welcome them!!!

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momof3girls said...

You are to sweet girl. I am proud of you, you can do this!!! You will be so glad in a few months from now that you decided to start on this path!!!